Staff Award of Excellence: Alexandria Roa Agudelo

Alexandria (Alex) Roa Agudelo is a research coordinator in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinical Research Unit (PR-CRU) at St. Joseph’s Health Care London’s Parkwood Institute. 

Alex has consistently gone above and beyond her official role as a research coordinator, driving the development of a robust and trusted research support team that assists programs and investigators at St. Joseph’s to move research forward. She works to enable teams in expanding capacity for clinical trials and has developed a national reputation for the quality of her work and leadership.

Alex has been instrumental in coordinating resources and integrating research into the clinical environment. Her care and compassion are also evident in her work with research participants, ensuring their time is respected and that they receive proper clinical follow-up after a study’s completion.

The ‘go-to’ person for advice and support, Alex has trained research assistants and other staff, as well as developed protocols and operating manuals on study tasks. She makes study coordination appear effortless and her contributions positively impact the research community on a daily basis.