The Lawson Impact Awards recognize excellence in academics, leadership, training, operations, industry and innovation.

Scientist of the Year Award

The Lawson Scientist of the Year Award (formerly named the Lawson Scientist Career Award) was established to recognize excellence in research at Lawson. Research effectiveness is demonstrated by the degree to which the scientist has had a relevant and sustained impact through contributions in his/her field of study, is able to stimulate and challenge the research ability of students, to communicate research results effectively, and to maintain a mastery of his/her subject area as demonstrated by national/international profile. 

Innovation Award

The Lawson Innovation Award recognizes outstanding scientists for research that has resulted in translation into advances in health care either through commercialization or adoption of new clinical practice (discovery + implementation/impact). 

Dr. Joseph Gilbert Research Contribution of the Year Award

Dr. Joseph Gilbert was the Chief Administration Officer of Lawson from 2000-2006. The Dr. Joseph Gilbert Research Contribution of the Year Award was established in 2006 upon his retirement to recognize his work as a physician, academic, researcher, and executive. The recipient of the award will be a scientist who has had a recent publication that describes a significant contribution to research. The award will be made on the basis of the single publication. 

Staff Award of Excellence

The Staff Award was created in 2002 to honour the contributions of dynamic, hardworking individuals (or teams of individuals) at Lawson. 

Leadership Award for Fellows & Students

The Lawson Leadership Award for Fellows & Students fund was established with the St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation in 2002 by Miggsie Lawson to honour her long-time friend, Sister Mary Doyle. The recipient of the Lawson Leadership Award for Fellows & Students exhibits the same leadership qualities as Sister Mary Doyle. 

Community Partner of the Year

The Community Partner of the Year Award was established to recognize the generosity of donors to hospital-based research. The recipient(s) of the award can be an individual or an organization who values and philanthropically supports medical research, and by doing so, has had a positive impact on Lawson research, and ultimately the patients we serve.

Strategic Research Fund Recipients

The SRF competition funds projects that have the potential for high impact in health research. These projects should be deemed highly competitive for obtaining external funds through national/international granting agencies or partnerships with industry, and they should represent novel projects undertaken as a collaboration between research groups from different Lawson programs.