Scientist of the Year: Dr. Cheryl Forchuk

Dr. Cheryl Forchuk’s research is wide-ranging with a special focus on mental health and models of care, exploring systemic issues relating to harm reduction, discharge models, homelessness and the use of technology in mental health.

A Registered Nurse, her transformational work has been internationally acclaimed, and given a voice to those with lived experience in the areas of mental health, trauma, poverty, homelessness and addiction. Her research has challenged the way traditional academic studies are done and emphasized the need for a focus on equity, diversity and inclusion.

The Beryl & Richard Ivey Research Chair in Aging, Mental Health, Rehabilitation and Recovery at St. Joseph’s Health Care London’s Parkwood Institute and Assistant Scientific Director at Lawson, she has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles, 12 books, and has been featured in hundreds of news stories.

From 2021 to 2023, Dr. Forchuk travelled across Canada twice for her Homelessness Counts research project, which is aimed at better understanding how many people are living without housing and who they are, to ensure communities and the health system have accurate data to offer proper supports and services. Dr. Forchuk is considered by many to be a trailblazer whose compassion and understanding is helping to improve quality of life for Canadians and those around the world who need it the most.