Leadership Award for Fellows and Students: Dr. John Tran

Dr. John Tran is a postdoctoral fellow working with Dr. Eldon Loh at St. Joseph’s Health Care London. His current research focuses on using 3D modelling technology to improve treatment of lower back pain. 

Radiofrequency ablation techniques have been used to treat pain for decades, but his reexamination of basic anatomy has found the original anatomical descriptions that provide the basis for these techniques were inaccurate and incomplete. His research has already challenged long-held assumptions among physicians and garnered international attention, changing procedural techniques. Going forward, he plans to optimize clinical performance based on his anatomical modelling work. 

John is passionate about basic anatomic research and has clearly demonstrated there remains crucial work to be done in this area. He also trains new graduate students and lab volunteers, has been involved in educational sessions for medical students and residents, and is an active mentor who is often approached for advice by research staff and students.