PIR Annual Report 2021


This report is an overview of the activities and accomplishments of Parkwood Institute Research (and their affiliates) for 2021-2022. Information included in the annual report consists of information about each of our research themes, funding and awards received, publications and other research products, and more!

A huge thank you to our Parkwood Institute Research community - including patients, family members, and partnering agencies/organizations - for making the incredible work that is done here possible, particularly with the many challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Year at a Glance

  • $21+ million in new grants and research funding
  • 63 active studies at Parkwood Mental Health Building
  • 187 active studies at Parkwood Main Building
  • 60+ affiliated scientists and researchers
  • 214 peer-reviewed publications
  • 204 research talks given worldwide

Research Accomplishments

Research Products


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