Parkwood Institute Research

Parkwood Institute Research is a program of Lawson Health Research Institute representing the researchers and research programs of Parkwood Institute. As part of St. Joseph’s Health Care London, Parkwood Institute is a vibrant academic health care community providing physical and mental health care, teaching and research, based on an understanding that conditions of the body and mind are integrally linked.


Cognitive Vitality and Brain Health, Mobility and Activity, and Mental Health form the three major research programs at Parkwood Institute, with considerable overlap and synergies existing among the groups. This inter-disciplinary research provides unique opportunities for synergies resulting in the incorporation of new knowledge into patient care at Parkwood Institute.

By minimizing the effects of injury, disease and disability we help individuals live their lives to the fullest.  As a clinical research program embedded in an active teaching hospital, Parkwood Institute Research focuses on advancing innovations and discoveries directly related to patient care.