About Us

Parkwood Institute Research, Lawson Health Research Institute, is a leader in Canada and recognized internationally for its work to help people regain their health and, whenever possible, return home or to other community settings.

Located in London, Ontario, Canada, Parkwood Institute provides care, rehabilitation, and recovery to those with complex and chronic illnesses.

Our Institute consists of three sites –Parkwood Institute Main Building, Parkwood Institute Mental Health, and Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care.

As a clinical research program embedded in St. Joseph’s Health Care, an active teaching hospital, Parkwood Institute Research focuses on advancing innovations and discoveries directly related to patient care.

The work at Parkwood Institute Research is supported by The Beryl and Richard Ivey Chair in Aging, Rehabilitation, and Mental Health, full-time Research Facilitator, full-time Administrative Assistant, more than 60+ affiliated scientists and researchers, access to three Patient and Family Advisory councils, as well as staff, trainees, and volunteers.

Cognitive Vitality and Brain Health, Mobility and Activity, and Mental Health form the three major research programs at Parkwood Institute, with considerable overlap and synergies existing among the groups. This inter-disciplinary research provides unique opportunities for collaboration resulting in the incorporation of new knowledge into patient care at Parkwood Institute.

Through strong partnerships and collaborations, we will achieve better health for all.