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Children's Health and Therapeutics

Children's Health and Therapeutics

Our vision is to address the important child health issues from a holistic perspective–looking at the social, psychological, environmental, and biological determinants of children’s health. Our approach emphasizes the importance of synthesizing clinical, population health and basic research to improve the quality of life for children and their families who live with chronic illnesses. Our emphasis is on translating scientific research into policies, programs, and health care that contributes to the quality of life of all children.

Maternal, fetal and newborn health

Maternal, Fetal, and Newborn Health

The Maternal, Fetal, and Newborn Health Division has a long tradition and reputation of research excellence in maternal, fetal and newborn health, and is internationally renowned for its bench to bedside translational research.



Genetics and Development

One in every 25 Canadians are born with some form of birth defect. These defects may be inherited or the cause of environmental influences. Many more are born with a susceptibility to disease later in life. Our goal is to unravel the mysteries of childhood disorders and to use that information to provide better quality of life through prevention, early diagnosis and treatments.