CHRI Funding


Scientist Innovation Grant 2022

The Children’s Health Research Institute (CHRI) is pleased to announce the SCIENTIST INNOVATION GRANT Competition for 2022 with funds generously provided by the Children’s Health Foundation (CHF). All CHRI Scientists and Associate Scientists are eligible to apply for this Award.  Up to TWO awards of $60,000 per annum each for two years are available. Awards are funded in part by Innovative Medicines Canada. 


The following guidelines are designed to facilitate the submission of applications for the award. A successful proposal will include (most, if not all) the following research outcomes: 

•    Generation of new and exciting data that will allow CHRI Scientists and Associate Scientists to be successful in leveraging grants from national and international granting agencies.

•    Development of a collaborative and cohesive multidisciplinary research team that will be competitive in national and international granting competitions.

•    High potential for impacting diagnosis, therapy or delivery of healthcare to children.

•    Strong potential to attract donor support towards partial or full funding for the project.

Project submissions will be ranked based on the demonstration of (1) relevance to children’s health, (2) high innovation/impact, (3) strong fundraising potential, and (4) multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches.

Submitting an Application

1. Completed applications (sent by email on May 26, 2022 or email @email for it) must be signed by the Chair of the CHRI Division of the Principal Investigator (PI).

2. A CHRI Scientist or Associate Scientist must be the PI who will submit the cover letter. Co-PIs and collaborators from CHRI (within and other Divisions) are encouraged, but not required. Co-PIs and collaborators from the CHF Partners (Children’s Hospital and Thames Valley Children Centre), other programs at Lawson and other departments at Western are also encouraged.

3. Budgets must not exceed $60,000 per annum. Funding for the second year will be based on the satisfactory progress report at the end of the first year.

4. CIHR Academic format of Common CVs of the PI and Co-PI(s) are required. Collaborators are required to submit letters of collaboration describing their role(s).

The deadline for applications is 4:30 p.m. August 26, 2022. Applications should be sent to:

Christine Koustrup Administrative Coordinator,

Children’s Health Research Institute, LHSC-VH A5-103

Any questions should be directed to your respective CHRI Division Chairs.