Our close proximity to patient care at Children’s Hospital creates unique collaborative opportunities for our basic and clinical researchers to translate knowledge acquired in the lab into better and new treatments of children’s diseases and injuries.

Children’s Health Research Institute is located on the fifth floor of the Victoria Research Laboratory Tower of London Health Sciences Centre. The Institute is located right beside Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre.

Our Labs:

  • Boasts over 10,000 square feet of modern, “open lab” space

  • Offers opportunities for researchers to exchange information, discover jointly and share cutting-edge equipment

  • Houses administrative offices and laboratories for 15 Scientists in three research programs

  • Provides researchers with access to state-of-the-art animal facilities at the London Regional Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core Facility

Core Facilities:

In partnership with Western University, Lawson Health Research Institute, London Regional Cancer Program, and Robarts Research Institute, we offer the following core research facilities to our researchers:

  1. London Regional Genomics Centre
    The facility provides services on a fee-for-service/cost recovery basis and offers Affymetrix GeneChip technologies, spotted microarray services and data analysis software.

  2. London Regional Imaging Core Facility

  3. London Regional Innovarium
    This facility has Registered Veterinary Technicians/CALAS Registered Technicians on staff working under a strict set of Standard Operating Procedures. The facility offers a wide range of services including blood sampling, inbreeding and outbreeding strategy guidance and lineage tracking.

  4. London Regional Proteomics Core Facility
    Six core facilities provide service and instrumentation. The facilities work cooperatively to fulfill research needs in the area of proteomics, protein structure and protein function.

  5. London Regional Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core Facility
    Provides services to generate genetically modified mice through pronuclear injection and gene targeting in ES cells.  For London-based researchers, the facility also rederive and cryopreserve lines for distribution. 

  6. Translational Research Centre