Our shared vision is to be a major global contributor to the creation of knowledge that leads to improved child health. To achieve this, we have reorganized our programs and identified three areas of excellence in which we wish to develop our leadership and focus our efforts: Genetics and Development; Maternal, Fetal, and Newborn Health; and Children’s Health and Therapeutics. Internationally renowned child health researchers, Dr. Christopher Pin, Dr. Michelle Mottola, and Dr. Kathy Speechley chair our divisions.

With over 100 principle investigators and associated scientists and 80 graduate students, our teams are involved in collaborative efforts to improve diagnostics, and patient care, progress drug therapies, and develop personalized approaches to medicine. Their activities encompass basic, clinical and population-based research that make a difference to the health and wellbeing of children. 

We greatly appreciate the major funding we receive from donors who generously give to Children’s Health Foundation. With their help, we continue to develop areas of research strength that put Children’s Health Research Institute on the international map. These initiatives include, Epigenetics, Paediatric Personalized Medicine, Quality of Life, Childhood Obesity and Translational Research Centre.

With the anticipated opening of the new Children’s Hospital and Grace Donnelly Pavilion at Victoria Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre in spring 2011, we eagerly await the vision of translation from bench-to-bedside to become more feasible.

We are enthusiastic about working together with Children’s Health Foundation to raise more funds in support of our Institute. We are also excited about creating a new identity and vision in the next year. These efforts by all of us are crucial to our further success and progress in becoming one of the strongest research institutes in Canada.

Dr. Victor Han, MD, FRCPC, FRCP