The ICES Data Repository consists of record-level, coded and linkable health data sets. It encompasses much of the publicly funded administrative health services records for the Ontario population eligible for universal health coverage since 1986 and is capable of integrating research-specific data, registries and surveys. Currently, the repository includes health service records for over 13 million people. ICES researchers use this data to produce unique scientific insights that improve understanding of health care issues, guide decision-making and inform changes in care delivery in Ontario.

ICES goes to great lengths to protect privacy and is recognized as an international leader in maintaining the privacy and security of health information.

Officially launched in December 2012, ICES Western is a collaborative initiative between Lawson Health Research Institute, Western University, London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and St. Joseph’s Health Care London. This venture provides researchers with access to unique scientific data to speed up discovery and improve patient care.

ICES Western is located at LHSC’s Victoria Hospital, and also hosts the provincial ICES Kidney, Dialysis & Transplantation (KDT) Program. In addition, ICES Western has a strong focus on supporting trainees and new investigators through initiatives.  

ICES Western gives us the power to turn raw data into targeted knowledge that can be used to treat patients more efficiently, improving quality of care and quality of life across our region.” - Dr. Amit Garg, Lawson Scientist and ICES Western Site Director and Program Lead.

Dr. Amit Garg, Lawson Scientist, ICES Western Site Director and Program Lead

ICES Faculty Scholars Program

Established at ICES Western, the Faculty Scholars Program is a two-year, part-time learning opportunity open to Ontario-based academic researchers in the medical, health and social sciences. The aim is to develop high-caliber researchers who are passionate about population health and health services research and wish to obtain an appointment as an ICES scientist.

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ICES Western Scientists

  • Kelly Anderson
  • Jorge Burneo
  • Kristin Clemens
  • Luc Dubois
  • Amit Garg
  • Ziv Harel
  • Arsh Jain
  • S. Joseph Kim
  • Amber Molnar
  • Sisira Sarma
  • Salimah Shariff
  • Christopher Vinden
  • Matthew Weir
  • Blayne Welk
  • Merrick Zwarenstein

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