He is Medical Director for the Aging Brain and Memory Clinic, an investigator with the Cognitive Clinical Trials Group, Program Director of the South Western Ontario Regional Geriatric Program.

His research interests include predictors of conversion from mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to Alzheimer Disease (AD), including sensitive Neuroimaging techniques, and randomized controlled trials of new treatments for MCI and AD. He is President of the Consortium for Canadian Centres for Clinical Cognitive Research (C5R).

Professional and Academic Experience

The Cognitive Clinical Trials Group (CCTG) Team includes investigators, clinical trials coordinators, clinicians and research assistants who do research in MCI and AD. The team is based at Parkwood Institute and conducts investigator initiated and pharmaceutical sponsored randomized controlled trials. They provide education and clinical support to people with cognitive impairment and their families in the community.

The CCTG collaborates with Dr. Rob Bartha, Neuroimaging Scientist at the Robarts Research Institute, and his team of graduate students. These neuroimaging studies have examined early markers of disease progression from MCI to AD using MRS and structural MRI at high magnetic field intensity. Our collaboration has developed MRI software that precisely measures changes in brain ventricular quantification (BVQ) of the lateral ventricles over 6 month intervals. This software has been tested on the Alzheimer Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) MRI database. The CCTG is a site for the ADNI, ADNI-GO and ADNI-2 studies.

Our goal is to study new compounds in people with Alzheimer Disease using neuroimaging biomarkers that could signal support for further development of the studied compounds.




Professor - Department of Medicine, Western University, London, ON (2003 - present)

Geriatrician - St. Joseph’s Health Care London, Department of Medicine, Geriatrics (1985 - present)

Medical Director - Dementia Special Care Unit, Western Counties Wing, Parkwood Institute, London, ON (1990 - present)

Administrative Support

Sarah Best (x42567)

Research Group

Research Interest Area 

Aging and geriatric care
Medical imaging and diagnostics



Neurodegeneration, MCI/SCI, Clinical trials, CCNA, Cognitive vitality, Brain health, Dementia


Consortium for Canadian Centres for Clinical Cognitive Research (C5R) Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration on Aging (CCNA)