Research and knowledge-creation have been a hallmark of the Department of Surgery since its inception, and the relationship between innovation and improving patient care has been an enduring trademark. 

A number of faculty members in the Department of Surgery have conducted and published research that has changed clinical practice worldwide.    


The mission of the surgical research group at Lawson is to advance surgical knowledge through the pursuit of scientific discovery and innovation. 


In London, Ontario, surgical care is provided to patients at several sites: London Health Sciences Centre (Children’s Hospital, University Hospital and Victoria Hospital), St. Joseph’s Health Care London and the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic.

Partnering with the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University, the focus of this research encompasses a variety of disciplines, including basic sciences, clinical, surgical education and outcomes/epidemiology.

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Research Focus

Research is active across all the surgical subspecialties:

  • Breast Care
  • Cardiac
  • Dentistry
  • General
  • Gynecology
  • Orthopaedic
  • Paediatric
  • Plastic & Reconstructive
  • Thoracic
  • Urology
  • Vascular

Major areas of research interests in the department are:

  • Quality Assurance/Patient Focused Research
  • Surgical Education
  • Clinical Trials
  • Translational Science
  • Big Data/ICES

Clinical research projects aim to bring new treatment options – surgical procedures and techniques, devices, and medications – to patients. Investigations are occurring on a local, provincial, national and even global scale.

Research Committee

The Department of Surgery Research Committee helps to implement new initiatives that promote and support current and future research endeavours. It is comprised of members from the various surgical divisions. Its responsibilities include: 

  • Establish and implement a research vision and plan for the Department.
  • Support the research productivity of faculty by providing them with information and support.
  • Peer review of internal research grants for faculty and residents.
  • Adjudicate clinical scientist and institute scientist research awards.
  • Coordinate the annual Robert Zhong Department of Surgery Research Day to showcase Department research.