Parkwood Institute Research


Parkwood Institute Research is a program of Lawson Health Research Institute representing the researchers and research programs of Parkwood Institute. As part of St. Joseph’s Health Care London, Parkwood Institute is a vibrant academic health care community providing physical and mental health care, teaching and research, based on an understanding that conditions of the body and mind are integrally linked.


Cognitive Vitality and Brain Health, Mobility and Activity, and Mental Health form the three major research programs at Parkwood Institute, with considerable overlap and synergies existing among the groups. This inter-disciplinary research provides unique opportunities for synergies resulting in the incorporation of new knowledge into patient care at Parkwood Institute.

By minimizing the effects of injury, disease and disability we help individuals live their lives to the fullest.  As a clinical research program embedded in an active teaching hospital, Parkwood Institute Research focuses on advancing innovations and discoveries directly related to patient care.

Research Themes and Priorities

Cognitive Vitality and Brain Health

Cognitive Vitality and Brain Health is a multi-disciplinary area of research, which includes the study of cognitive health.

Mobility and Activity

Mobility and Activity is a multi-disciplinary area of research, which includes the study of neuromodulation and neurostimulation on mobility. 

Mental Health

  • Mood disorders research with a particular focus on development of interventions that will assist patients suffering from severe, persistent or frequently recurrent mood disorders.
  • Suicide research, clarifying causes and developing public policy, clinical services and specific interventions that will reduce the incidence of suicide.
  • The development and testing of smart technology, especially assistive devices that help people with severe and persistent mental illness live in their own homes.

Research Insights of Mental Health

Established in 2001, Research Insights is a peer-reviewed journal of mental health research at St. Joseph’s Health Care London. The journal is devoted to original scientific articles on all aspects of mental health and submitted as original research, case studies and brief reports.


In November 2014, the programs and teams of two separate sites of St. Joseph’s Health Care London - known then as Parkwood Hospital and Regional Mental Health Care London - came together in one geographic location to become known as Parkwood Institute.     

By coming together in this way, Parkwood Institute not only continues to focus on helping people regain their health and, whenever possible, return home or to other community settings.  Parkwood Institute is a vibrant academic health care community, building on collaboration in physical and mental health recovery and rehabilitation, teaching and research. Hence, the development of the Parkwood Institute Research Program of the Lawson Health Research Institute has provided the impetus and opportunity for the development of new research programs, new collaborations and increased opportunity to combine our efforts in our three primary research themes of Cognitive Vitality and Brain Health, Mobility and Activity, and Mental Health. 

PIR Newsletter

The Parkwood Institute Research Newsletter is published quarterly and represents a quantitative measure of research productivity among the inter-disciplinary program research themes:

Research funding;

  • Publications; 
  • Annual Parkwood Institute Research-Specific Endowments (PIRSE)  Competition for graduate students and fellowships facilitated by the St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation;
  • Awards and accomplishments;
  • Honours and professional activities;
  • Knowledge translation;
  • Media coverage;
  • Regional, national and international presentations;
  • New research personnel;
  • Calendar of events; and,
  • Visiting scientists and other V.I.P. visitors.

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Location and Contact

Parkwood Institute Research
550 Wellington Road
London ON N6C 0A7