London Tumour Biobank


The London Tumour Biobank is a biorepository with tumour tissue, blood, and urine samples from breast and prostate biopsy patients. It offers researchers access to these samples, complete with comprehensive clinical data, to facilitate cancer research across London.

Located at St. Joseph’s Health Care London, the facility includes a cryogenic freezer with capacity to store 41,600 patient samples at -196 degrees Celsius.

Sample types currently include:

  • Breast disease site - blood and breast tumour tissue obtained at the time of biopsy; and
  • Prostate disease site - blood, prostate tissue and urine obtained at the time of biopsy, and serial blood and urine samples on a subset of prostate cancer patients.

Data currently collected includes:

  • Baseline data (patient history, family history, diagnostic information, primary pathology, residual disease information);
  • Sample collection details;
  • Neoadjuvant treatment, adjuvant treatment and radiation therapy data;
  • Adverse events; and
  • Follow-up data.

The samples are available for use by all Lawson and Western University personnel.

Cryogenic freezer storage space is also available for a minimal fee.


To request the use of samples, discuss research projects or to inquire about a custom request, please contact the principal investigator, Dr. Muriel Brackstone at

For general questions, including more information about sample collection procedures and research application procedures, contact Kalan Lynn, Coordinator, at @email