Lawson Association of Fellows & Students (LAFS)


Lawson Health Research Institute prides itself as being an international training centre for students: co-op, summer, pre-graduate, graduate, postdoctoral fellow and resident. The Lawson environment is unique for its first-class facilities, its location in an active biomedical research community and the pleasant surroundings of the City of London, Ontario.

Lawson has over 400 trainees from all over the world and over 1,000 alumni. Each year, Lawson hosts London Health Research Day to help our young scientists develop the research presentation skills they will require for international careers in biomedical research.

With Lawson’s guidance, our students are ready for the global workplace. We’re proud to say that all of them continue to enhance the reputation of Lawson and Western University.

One of the most unique and outstanding attributes of Lawson is the existence of the Lawson Association of Fellows and Students (LAFS).

This group, comprised of post-doctoral fellows, technicians and graduate students, plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of Lawson by ensuring an engaging research and academic setting, a political voice in the future direction of Lawson, and by providing social events across the London research community.


For more information, contact the LAFS Representatives at @email.