Lawson Impact Awards: Strategic Research Fund Award 2022

Lawson Strategic Research Fund winners are using imaging to improve patient care and outcomes

Scientists at Lawson Health Research Institute are being recognized for their advanced imaging work by winning two Strategic Research Funds which will supports projects that advance science and generate high impact health solutions for patients. 

Using advanced imaging to improve hip replacement outcomes

Dr. Matthew Teeter, Lawson Scientist, and Dr. Jonathan Thiessen, Lawson Imaging Scientist at St. Joseph’s Health Care London are using PET/MRI to better understand negative reactions in patients who have had total hip replacement surgery.

Improving outcomes for stroke patients 

PET/MRI technology is also being used by another group of Lawson researchers to study inflammation that sometimes occurs in the heart following a stroke, headed by Dr. Luciano Sposato, Lawson Scientist and Neurologist at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and Dr. Frank Prato, Scientist at Lawson and Lead for the Lawson Imaging research program.

Read more on our Lawson Impact Awards website.

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