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Introducing Lawson Link

New magazine highlights the impact of Lawson research on patient care

Lawson Health Research Institute has launched the inaugural issue of Lawson Link, a new magazine created to increase awareness about hospital-based research in London.

The research stories found in the magazine demonstrate the quality and impact of Lawson research, the breadth of areas where we are making a difference in patient care, and the contributions we have made to London’s knowledge economy.

Lawson Link readers will also learn about the different aspects of a research enterprise, such as the translation of discovery from the lab to clinical trials and eventually patient care, as well as facilities and technology expertise.

These stories are proof that the discovery of innovative new treatments leads to improved health outcomes and a higher quality of life for patients, highlighting the importance of investment in health research.

Lawson Link is available as a print publication or online at You can also download the pdf version of the publication.

Print copies can be requested by filling out a request form or contacting Lawson’s Communications & External Relations team at