insideLHSC: Diagnosing concussion

With a drop of blood, Dr. Douglas Fraser and a team of Lawson and Western University researchers are changing the way we diagnose concussion.

In the past decade, rates of reported head injury have increased by more than 40 per cent in children and youth playing football, soccer and hockey. In that same time our understanding of the impacts of concussions has significantly increased.  Concussions can often result in severe symptoms and, in some individuals, long-term neurological dysfunction.  When ignored, these injuries can have lasting consequences.  As a result, concussions are a growing public health concern.

The diagnosis of a concussion can be difficult. Current tests rely on a patient’s description of their symptoms and the judgment of his or her physician. Concussions are sometimes misdiagnosed and some athletes with concussion return to sports too soon, putting them at risk of further injury.

By eliminating the guesswork in diagnosis, London researchers hope to improve patient outcomes.

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