Photo of Camilla Urbaniak and Dr. Gregor Reid

Camilla Urbaniak (left) and Dr. Gregor Reid (right) have provided evidence that bacteria may play a role in both the development and prevention of breast cancer.

One in nine Canadian women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. While the exact cause of breast cancer is unknown, a new study points to the role bacteria may play in both the development and prevention of the disease.

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Dr. Gregor Reid, a scientist at Lawson Health Research Institute, and his Western University PhD student, Camilla Urbaniak, have previously shown that live bacteria are present in the breast tissues of healthy women. This proves the existence of a breast tissue microbiome. In past studies, Reid and Urbaniak have also proven that human milk contains beneficial bacteria.

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In a new study, Dr. Jason Gilliland, a Scientist at Children’s Health Research Institute, Lawson Health Research Institute and Director of the Human Environments Analysis Laboratory at Western University, is combining health research with geography to understand the connection between children’s nutrition and their local neighbourhoods. 

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With over one third of Canadian youth being obese, a number of health problems are linked to poor nutrition. From heart health to cancer risk, nutrition plays a vital role in our children’s lives.