Turmeric on a spoon

“These findings emphasize the importance of testing turmeric before espousing their health benefits.”

Randomized controlled trial

London Health Sciences Centre - 

A study of oral curcumin, the active medicinal ingredient in turmeric, showed no benefit in preventing inflammation and complications in patients undergoing elective surgery for aortic aneurysm repair, according to a large randomized controlled trial in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

Pill bottle

Recognizing the role that prescribing plays in the national opioid crisis, a team of researchers at Lawson and Western University have developed a new clinical protocol called STOP Narcotics.

In recent years deaths from opioid overdoses have become one of the most common injury-related deaths in North America. The continent also has the highest per capita rate of opioid prescription in the world. 

Dr. David Palma

Dr. David Palma, researcher at Lawson and radiation oncologist at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC)

Study successfully targeted the spread of cancer

LHSC: London Regional Cancer Program - 

Cancer that spreads from an original tumour to other parts of the body is generally considered incurable. In an international study led by Lawson Health Research Institute, the research institute of London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), researchers challenged this idea by showing that high-dose radiation can improve survival in patients with cancer that has spread to five or less sites.