Two new clinical drug trials to start

St. Joseph’s Health Care London and Lawson Health Research Institute have announced plans to move forward with clinical trials testing a drug that could potentially be used to prevent and treat COVID-19. St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation will accelerate the creation of the studies by providing seed funding to get the research started through donor support. Based on the immediate need, The St. Joseph’s Health Crisis Fund has been created by St.

Researchers hope to address early reports that COVID-19 produces ‘cytokine storm’ in some patients.

Researchers at Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University have launched a new study to help us better understand how the body’s immune system responds to COVID-19.

Any time there is a threat to the body, the immune system is activated. Some early reports from scientists and physicians working with COVID-19 patients indicate that this virus may cause a cytokine storm, or a heightened immune response, in some patients.