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Researchers will partner with Canadian Veterans and spouses of Canadian Veterans to assess the pandemic’s impact on their well-being over time

St. Joseph’s: Parkwood Institute - 

Multiple studies are reporting the pandemic’s impact on the mental health of Canadians, but what effect is it having on our nation’s Veterans and their spouses? 

Dr. Jeremy Burton

Dr. Jeremy Burton, Lawson Research Chair in Human Microbiome and Probiotics

Dr. Jeremy Burton has been appointed as Research Chair in Human Microbiome and Probiotics at Lawson Health Research Institute

St. Joseph's Hospital - 

According to Dr. Jeremy Burton, we’re in a golden age of microbiome and probiotics research.

“Thanks to advancements in next-generation sequencing, we’re learning more and more every day about the impacts of the microbiome on the human body,” states Dr. Burton. 


Cheryl Litchfield and Janet Knechtel

From left: Cheryl Litchfield (Manager, Research Administration, Lawson) and Janet Knechtel (Senior Quality Assurance and Education Officer, Lawson)

In the face of a global pandemic, Lawson quickly and safely implemented remote monitoring solutions.

Lawson Administration Office - 

One challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the coordination of monitoring visits with clinical research study sponsors. Research institutes and sponsors across the province have had to explore alternate means for monitoring in alignment with public health directives. Normally performed in-person, monitoring visits help ensure that clinical trials are being conducted in a responsible manner and in accordance with sponsor requirements.