Researchers investigate digital breast tomosynthesis for cancer screening

St. Joseph's Health Care London - 

A study at Lawson is looking to determine if digital breast tomosynthesis, a type of 3D imaging, is better at detecting breast tissue abnormalities than the 2D mammography regularly used today.

During a conventional digital 2D mammogram, two x-ray images are taken of the breast, one from top-to-bottom and another from side-to-side at an angle. This technology is limited by the overlapping breast tissue that occurs from the required compression of the breast, and breast abnormalities may be hidden.

Pregnant teenager sitting on couch

New study by researchers at Lawson Health Research Institute and Brescia University College

Children's Health Research Institute - 

Researchers from Lawson Health Research Institute and Brescia University College found that teenage pregnant women are more likely to live in poverty, have poorer mental health and have higher rates of substance use. 

There are limited Canadian studies on teenage pregnancies, in particular looking at risk factors and birth outcomes compared to women who became pregnant during adulthood.