Laura Craven, PhD candidate, recognized for her leadership, clinical research and community involvement

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Laura Craven was presented with the Leadership Award for Fellows and Students at this year’s Lawson Impact Awards on April 11. This award recognizes individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities, strong research skills, and dedication to the advancement of health research.

The structured transition program Dr. Cheril Clarson (left) and Dr. Tamara Spaic (right) developed led to improved clinic attendance and satisfaction with care among young adult patients with type 1 diabetes. Nicole Pelcz (centre) was one of the patients enrolled in the study.

Study shows success of transition coordinator and need for continued intervention

In 2012, researchers from across Ontario, led by a team at Lawson Health Research Institute, started the first multicenter randomized controlled trial to evaluate implementation of a transition coordinator for young adults with type 1 diabetes as they transferred from paediatric to adult care. 

Dr. Palma, Betty and Dr. Nichols

From left: Dr. David Palma (Lawson Associate Scientist), Betty Ostrander (Research Participant) and Dr. Anthony Nichols (Lawson Associate Scientist)

Results from world first trial suggest that robotic surgery for oropharyngeal cancer is not superior to radiation therapy

LHSC: London Regional Cancer Program - 

For Betty Ostrander, an operating room nurse from Tillsonburg, Ontario, a throat cancer diagnosis was life-changing.

Betty was 59 years old when she discovered a small lump on the right side of her neck while walking her dogs in Florida. Thinking that she might be coming down with a cold, she waited a couple of days but the lump was still there. 

“I went to a walk-in clinic in Florida and the nurse told me I was healthy,” says Betty. “She prescribed me antibiotics but I asked her for an ultrasound requisition.”