Institute Team


Research Administration: responsible for the Lawson Approval process, delivery of Lawson’s Quality Assurance and Education program for clinical research, contract negotiation and approval for research, including industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated contracts, and fee-for-service support through Lawson Clinical Research Services

Finance: responsible for the ongoing management of all research grants and contracts awarded to Lawson researchers; works closely with researchers, administrative staff, and funding sponsors to ensure adherence to funding guidelines and policies; manages the post-award functions for all research grants and contracts at the institute, including financial reporting, financial analysis and forecasting, cash flow and expenditure monitoring, compliance oversight, audit facilitation, and communicating with funding sponsors.

Research Human Resources: responsible for providing human resource services for Lawson researchers and staff, including acting as liaison between hospital Human Resources (HR) departments and Western faculties; the health and safety component facilitates standardizing safety processes and ensuring relevant legislation and safety standards are being met.

Research Operations & Technical Services: responsible for organizing the operations of Lawson’s vivarium/animal care facilities and services, as well as coordinating laboratory space, renovations, equipment and maintenance aspects of Lawson.

Research Informatics: responsible for supporting clinical researchers who have software development and database requirements by providing robust infrastructure to support their research activities, on a safe, secure IT platform to ensure patient confidentiality for clinical activities; and providing assistance with application development, data collection, data extraction, archiving, collaboration, analysis and reporting.

Strategic Planning and Development

Communications & External Relations: responsible for building and managing the Lawson brand and reputation, including public relations, media relations, marketing, special events, web presence and social media, advocacy, strategic planning and issues management.

Grant Development: responsible for facilitating the full spectrum of research grant submissions, including grant coordination for large government grant applications; development of grantsmanship; dissemination of new information pertaining to research and training grants opportunities; and, institution submissions and sign-off processes for CIHR, CFI, ORF, etc.

Business Development: responsible for providing services to Lawson investigators to facilitate the transfer of medical research from the laboratory to commercial use, including assisting with patenting new discoveries and finding commercial partners for collaborative research and licensing. Expertise is offered in the areas of intellectual property protection, marketing, licensing agreements and formation of start-up companies. Commercialization opportunities at Lawson are managed through WORLDiscoveries®, the business development arm of London’s extensive research network and the bridge between local invention and global industry. 

Research Infrastructure: responsible for the development and implementation of a research master plan for all Lawson sites, including identifying  potential research space solutions to meet the evolving needs of researchers, and working with the Facilities Planning departments at both hospitals to operationalize research space plans.