Western Heads East

6:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Western Heads East is founded on the cultivation of ‘Fiti’ probiotic yogurt, which has been shown to provide a range of health and nutritional benefits. Over the course of twenty years, the program has expanded with partners in Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda, economically empowering women and their communities while bringing nutritious, affordable food to their communities. Now, Mistyglen Creamery is embarking on the production of the ‘Fiti’ probiotic yogurt using artisanal, on-farm produced whole milk in London and area. Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) will engage youth social enterprise to provide probiotic yogurt menu items to vulnerable populations served by the YOU Made It Café (Meals on Wheels, local shelters, school feeding programs).

We invite you to join us in a celebratory event where women’s advocate Maimuna Kanyamala will talk about the impact and growth of the program in Tanzania, Kris Pettit of Mistyglen Creamery will share their bold vision to provide artisanal whole milk products for community health, and Steve Cordes of YOU will share plans for youth social enterprise to lead distribution to vulnerable populations in London and area.

For more information on this event and Western Heads East, please visit https://international.uwo.ca/whe/

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