Parkwood Institute Research Day

8:30 a.m. TO 3:30 p.m.

Parkwood Institute Research will be holding its Annual Parkwood Institute Research Day virtually. Research Day is a forum for highlighting research conducted by healthcare professionals, scientists, students, patients, and families at Parkwood Institute Research and affiliated research units working in areas of Cognitive Vitality and Brain Health, Mobility and Activity, and Mental Health. The theme of the 2022 Parkwood Institute Research Day is Better Together: The Power of Partnership.

The Keynote Speaker is Jennifer Johannesen, "Partners in Research: A critical exploration of roles, responsibilities and rationales". Jennifer Johannesen writes, lectures and consults on healthcare practice and policy related to  patient-centred care, patient engagement and partnership in research, and  critical thinking in clinical practice. Jennifer also co-hosts Matters of Engagement, a podcast about patient engagement and partnership. She holds a Master of Science in Bioethics degree from Clarkson University (Schenectady NY) and is based in Toronto, Canada.

This year we will be using Whova which will allow for live and pre-recorded video for streaming, video replay, attendee engagement & networking, Q&A, chat functions, and leaderboards. It engages the audiences with various online tools including live polls, games, session Q&A, surveys, session feedback, and discussion boards. Whova is accessible on phones, tablets or laptops. It will help attendees make new connections with attendee profiles, match-making, icebreaking, and virtual meet-ups.

For a schedule and to register click here.