Communicating in Neuroscience Day

9:15 a.m. TO 4:30 p.m.

The BrainsCAN Trainee and Research Staff Committee is pleased to announce its Communication in Neuroscience Day, scheduled for Friday, June 10.  The event will be a mix of interactive sessions and panel discussions on various aspects of communicating your research, communicating your achievements, and holding difficult conversations.
This all-day event will be hybrid, so attendees are welcome to join virtually or in-person, as Western COVID rules allow.  Lunch and snacks will be provided to in-person attendees.
Morning sessions (9:15-12:30)
Writing letters of reference (both for self and others)
Difficult conversations in personal matters (e.g., conflict resolution, EDI issues, fairness)
Communicating your research - leveraging social media 
Afternoon sessions (13:15-16:30)
Communicating achievements (e.g., CVs, cover letters, personal statements)
Difficult conversations in academia (e.g, collaborations, authorship, career plans, future plans)
Communicating your research - working with the media (e.g., press releases, formal interviews)
Additional event details can be found on the registration form:
Registration deadline is Monday, May 30.