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How to add or edit a scientist profile


New Users: 

  1. Log in to the website by entering your Corporate (hospital) ID and password into the fields above.
    *You will stay on this webpage to view the remaining instructions.
    *You won’t see any changes to the website; however, your user account will be added to the website system so that you can gain access to your profile. 
  2. Complete and submit the Scientist Profile Intake Form
  3. Once your user access has been set up, Lawson Communications will follow up with you to provide additional instructions.

NOTE: All requests related to scientist profiles will be placed in the service queue on a “first come, first served” basis. Thank you.

Questions or issues can be directed to lawsoncommunication@lawsonresearch.com.


Returning Users:

Log in to the website by entering your Corporate (hospital) ID and password into the login fields above.

  • Go to the Scientists section of Lawson’s website and search the directory to find the correct person. Click on the last name to view the profile. (Or copy and paste a direct profile link into your browser.)
  • Click on the “New draft” tab at the top of the webpage (above the name). You will be directed to the edit view for the profile.
  • Make the required changes in the edit view. (View a copy of the scientist profile update instructions.)
  • Select “Save” to submit your edits for review and publishing.

NOTE: Scientists can update their own profile by submitting edits for publishing. This means that the changes you make to a profile won’t be live on the website until reviewed by a website publisher. There may be a publisher assigned to the related research area who is able to make changes to your profile for you. 


Role Descriptions

If you are unsure of your role with Lawson, please review the descriptions for each classification

How to delete a scientist profile

Please send a request to Lawson Communications at lawsoncommunication@lawsonresearch.com


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