Professional and Academic Experience

The following research accomplishments demonstrate the excellence of our work.

My laboratory has been the first, worldwide, to specifically silence DCs gene using short interfering RNA (siRNA) for immune modulation; We are the first to define a DC/Treg bi-directional immunoregulatory feedback loop responsible for maintaining transplant tolerance; It is the first anti-cancer therapy that uses silencing tumor-derived immunosuppressive genes and gene-silenced tumour vaccine ;We also published the first paper for RNAi-based therapeutics for graft rejection , tissue injury and protection of transplant organs. 

We recently established an in vivo siRNA delivery system using siRNA-immunoliposomes capable of silencing target genes in a cell-specific manner. This CD11c antibody-conjugated siRNA immunoliposome can specifically target DCs in vitro and in vivo. We are currently developing more tissue and cancer-specific targeted delivery methods using various chemical carrier, peptides and nano-particles.


Assistant Professor - Dept of Surgery, Western University (2000-2007)

Associate Professor - Dept of Surgery, Western University (2008-2012)

Professor - Dept of Surgery, Western University (2012)

Scientist - Multi-Organ Transplant Program, LHSC (2000)

Scientist - Lawson Health Research Institute (2000)

Cross-appointment - Dept of Microbiology & Immunology (2002),  Dept of Pathology (2003), Dept of Oncology (2006)




Research Group

Research Interest Area 

Immune system/disorders

Research Overview

My research focuses on immune modulation and immunotherapy.

There are two major themes in this laboratory:

A) establishing immune tolerance for prevention graft rejection in transplantation and treatment of autoimmune diseases, and

B) breaking immune tolerance for treatment of cancer.


Immune tolerance, Immunotherapy, RNAi, miRNA