Dr. O’Reilly was born in Northern Ireland and studied medicine at Trinity College Dublin. Before emigrating to Canada in 1984, he completed specialty training in Internal Medicine and subsequently in Psychiatry. 

Dr. O’Reilly also completed a partial residency in Psychiatry at Western University and obtained a specialty qualification in Psychiatry from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 1986.

Professional and Academic Experience

Dr. O’Reilly has worked as a consultant psychiatrist in Ireland, Saskatchewan, and Ontario: practicing psychiatry for more than 25 years in Ontario.

Currently, Dr. O’Reilly works on the clinical neuro-stimulation service at the Parkwood Institute.  Dr. O’Reilly is a Professor of Psychiatry at Western University and at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.




  • Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Western University
  • Professor of Psychiatry, Northern Ontario School of Medicine
  • Consultant Psychiatrist, Parkwood Institute Mental Health Care Program

Administrative Support

Joanne Chapman: 519-858-5085;

Research Group

Research Interest Area 

Policy and law

Research Overview

Dr. O’Reilly has co-led a longstanding program of genetic research in schizophrenia with his geneticist colleague, Shiva Singh, but is probably better known for his work in Ontario and other Canadian provinces promoting legislation to ensure that people suffering with severe mental illness receive timely and appropriate treatment.

Dr. O’Reilly is part of an international collaboration of clinicians and lawyers, who analyze mental health legislation in different jurisdictions, conduct research on the outcomes of different types of legislation and assist jurisdictions that are reviewing their mental health legislation.


Mental health law, Genetics of schizophrenia