A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a formal statement describing how research data will be managed and documented throughout a research project and the terms regarding the subsequent deposit of the data with a data repository for long-term management and preservation1. A DMP grows out of an understanding of how data should be collected, normalized, processed, analyzed, preserved, used, and re-used over their lifetime2. It may be required in grant applications by some funding agencies.
1. Research Data Management Glossary (
2. Data Management Plan | NNLM

DMP Assistant: A Canadian bilingual tool to help prepare data management plans

DMP Tool: An American tool to create data management plans for US funders such as NIH of NSF

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Data Deposit and Repositories

Borealis (Western Dataverse)

Borealis a publicly accessible, secure Canadian data repository system managed by Western University Libraries, allows for data to be released and shared openly or privately with precision at the file level, using Dataverse software. This is available to the Lawson Investigators, who are faculty members at Western University.

Please note that access to Borealis requires Western credentials, which are different from the hospital credentials. Questions can be addressed to Kristi Thompson - Data Management Librarian at @email or to @email


A system for Canadian researchers to discover and share Canadian research data. The platform can efficiently ingest datasets of any size, and preservation processing is done automatically. Data professionals from the Portage Network and institutions across Canada work with researchers to curate and approve deposited items.

Data Discovery

RDM Metadata Dictionary

A list of metadata standards divided by discipline.

Data Collection


REDCap is a Research Electronic Data Capture web-based tool for creating and managing online database applications and surveys. Hosted at the hospitals’ data center, Lawson Research Informatics administrates this secure platform to meet the diverse research needs of the Lawson community.

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Active Storage


ITS has partnered with Microsoft and our peer Ontario Hospitals to develop Live Virtual Training sessions to allow learning at individual pace.

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Indigenous Data

OCAP Principles

Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans – TCPS 2 (2018) – Chapter 9: Research Involving the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples of Canada (

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Ethics, Privacy and Security


Western's research ethics board manages the approval and monitoring process for the use of humans in research at the university and its affiliated Lawson Health Research Institute. All research involving humans conducted by Lawson researchers must be approved by a Western-sanctioned review board.

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Privacy Office

The Privacy Office is committed to protecting the privacy of patients and staff. If you have a question, or would like to discuss one of the above services, please contact the Privacy Office at: @email or @email


For security questions please visit the Security and Awareness website.