The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University has a long tradition of excellence, beginning with the founding of the medical school in 1881. Schulich’s reputation has been built by dedicated teachers, breakthrough discoveries, a commitment to social responsibility and an affinity for strategic partnerships. Today, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry is a leading Canadian centre of outstanding education and research shaping health care for the next generation.

Vision: The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry will be a global leader in optimizing life-long health through innovations in research, education and active engagement with our communities. They will lead in:

  • Creating knowledge in healthy development and aging across the life span from pre-conception to end-of-life, examining the underlying mechanisms of development and aging and how it is influenced by genetics and environment
  • Translating knowledge across the research domains of basic, clinical, health services, policy, and population health and in partnership with the communities of Southwestern Ontario, to benefit global health
  • Embedding the science of healthy and successful development and aging into the education curriculum

Many of Lawson’s researchers are also affiliated with Schulich and play a key role in educating tomorrow’s medical leaders. Lawson works in close collaboration with Schulich to coordinate research efforts and increase London’s status as an international health research hub.