Given the extraordinary breadth and depth of London’s health research and clinical assets, the city is well positioned to accelerate medical discovery and commercialization on a globally competitive scale through new approaches and partnerships that address the ‘innovation gap’.


  • London is home to one of the largest and most comprehensive concentrations of medical research talent anywhere in Canada.
  • London is home to the complete range of scientific, clinical, testing and data management services necessary to move a medical innovation to market.
  • London is home to one of largest clusters of health care manufacturers and high tech companies in Canada.
  • London is home to one of Canada’s largest research-industry park networks and one of Canada’s most successful commercialization arms both nationally and internationally.
  • London enjoys a material cost advantage over the few cities in Canada that could match London’s research, development & commercialization capacity.

The Game Plan

In an effort to materially advance innovation and industry, London’s health care leaders have united around a common purpose, to expand upon the community’s extensive health care strengths and establish a medical innovation and commercialization network. The Network is to be a cross-discipline, world-class enterprise that will initiate and translate medical discoveries into market-ready health care solutions, contributing to a healthier world and a wealthier local economy.

This unique, multi-institutional joint-venture includes Western University, Lawson Health Research Institute, London Health Sciences Centre, St. Joseph’s Health Care London, the City of London, and the public and private sector - and will bring together the expertise of otherwise separate entities into a true partnership. 
The Network will harness the expertise of some of the world’s top clinicians and scientists together with industry and entrepreneurs to create a collaborative, team-based network that will focus on resolving some of the world’s more challenging health care problems and then commercializing these advances for economic and social gain. 

For more information, visit the London Medical Network website


To become a globally renowned leader in convergent medical research, innovation and commercialization initiatives that materially improve the health, wealth and prosperity of our community and the world around us.


The Network integrates the local medical and academic community’s best and brightest and commits to resolving the global community’s greatest health care challenges for economic and social good. The Network will strive to create a point of difference by distinguishing the Network as ‘best in class’ in Canada.

Goals and Priority Sectors

Commensurate with the establishment of the Leadership Team and Mission, the Network has set for itself six goals and three priority sectors.

  1. Create a series of integrated, team-based, medical innovation and commercialization hubs that will capitalize on London’s strength in medical research and health care delivery.
  2. Add quantifiable economic value to London’s economy, attract new industry and help create new knowledge-based, long-term jobs.
  3. Collaborate with London’s impressive hospital network and cache of health care assets to create better patient outcomes.
  4. Create opportunities for long-term youth employment and local business.
  5. Improve patient care locally, nationally and globally.
  6. Operate the Network in a sound and financially self-sustaining manner.

The Network has also identified and prioritized those select areas of medical research in London that best lend themselves to immediate and impactful innovation and commercialization opportunities. The first three target sectors in order of priority are:

I: Musculoskeletal and Brain Health; 

II: Bio-Medical Devices and Advanced Simulation; and,

III: Bio-Medical Imaging.

Overall, London’s rich health care legacy and extensive array of medical and research assets has uniquely positioned the community to seize this opportunity and allow it to assume a place among the global leaders in health care.