Mobilizing hospital-based research in the battle against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be one of the most pressing health challenges of our time. With a rising number of cases and deaths worldwide, there’s a global urgency to finding a solution.

As the research institute of London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and St. Joseph’s Health Care London, Lawson Health Research Institute excels in rapid response research and is uniquely positioned to tackle this problem from within hospital walls.

Our researchers belong to a health system at the forefront of the pandemic. With close proximity to patients and access to samples, they are mobilizing to address COVID-19.

“Lawson researchers include clinicians directly involved in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, as well as laboratory-based scientists and those with other expertise related to the pandemic response,” says Dr. David Hill, Scientific Director at Lawson and Integrated Vice President at LHSC and St. Joseph’s. “They are eager to contribute a solution and are combining their knowledge to address this issue from all angles.”

Already, Lawson research teams are initiating projects ranging from pre-clinical studies to clinical trials. They are planning to explore diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the disease, as well as long-term and mental health impacts. An immediate goal is to partner with other research hospitals to improve outcomes for COVID-19 patients around the world.

There are numerous COVID-19 studies underway at Lawson and many more going through the necessary approval processes. Recognizing the importance of a rapid response to this pandemic, Lawson’s Administration team is working to fast-track approval of the studies.

Lawson also offered a special internal COVID-19 funding competition to assist our researchers in their efforts. Lawson’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response Internal Research Fund supports projects that are identified as having the potential to impact the management of this pandemic and those that enhance our understanding of the pathophysiology of COVID-19. See the results of this competition and the 14 funded projects, for a total of more than $202,000 invested

While there is much to learn about COVID-19 and its impact on human health and our health care system, Lawson researchers are tackling the disease head-on.

How can you support COVID-19 research and clinical care?

Research at Lawson can be supported through three hospital foundations. With an outpouring of support from our community, the foundations are collecting donations to support our hospitals through this challenging time. Learn more about donating:

Learn more about COVID-19 research at Lawson: