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2019 Scientist of the Year Award: Dr. Guido Filler

Dr. Guido Filler, recognized for his research in paediatric nephrology and clinical pharmacology

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Dr. Guido Filler was recognized at the 2019 Lawson Impact Awards for his research in the fields of paediatric nephrology and clinical pharmacology. His passion for research and helping improve care for paediatric patients has fueled a wholesome and rewarding career. He is known globally as a world expert in measuring kidney function.



Dr. Filler combines his expertise to study the developmental changes and conditions of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of various drugs in children and adolescents.

Much of Dr. Filler’s research has focused on the use of cystatin C – a new, superior marker for measuring glomerular filtration rate (GFR), or simply, how well the kidneys are working. The cystatin C based formula is known as the “Filler Formula” and has been integrated into clinical diagnostic routine at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), one of only three centres in Canada to offer this test. He has published 131 papers in the area of renal function alone, with 67 of these focused on cystatin C.

Dr. Filler was the principal investigator of the world’s first randomized controlled clinical trial of immunosuppression after paediatric renal transplantation. This study has had a profound impact in the field, changing the practice of immunosuppressant treatment after renal transplantation around the world.

Dr. Filler also studies the development of cardio renal syndrome type IV, which is a leading cause of death in children and adolescents with end-stage chronic kidney disease.

“Dr. Filler is among the most genuine academic physicians I have ever met,” says Dr. John Yoo, Interim Chair/Chief of Paediatrics, Children’s Hospital at LHSC. “He is often the provocative voice that challenges the status quo and urges people to think big. He is a caring physician and valued colleague.”

His reputation is evident in the many invitations he receives to speak at international conferences. A prolific publisher, Dr. Filler’s collection of work includes 16 book chapters and 326 peer-reviewed manuscripts.

“I am very interested in improving the care of our paediatric patients, and particularly those with chronic kidney disease,” Dr. Filler explains. “These small patients face an incredible risk of cardiovascular death. An 18 year old former renal transplant patient has the same risk as a 70 year old, and that is what really drives me.”

Dr. Filler has a deep passion for fostering learning and curiosity in his students. He has mentored many, bringing them to successful publication, and inspired many to embark on a career in medicine.

Dr. Yoo adds, “Dr. Filler has made substantial contributions to research, education and service in the hospital, and as such is a very worthy candidate for the Scientist of the Year Award.”