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2019 Leadership Award for Fellows & Students: Laura Craven

Laura Craven, PhD candidate, recognized for her leadership, clinical research and community involvement

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Laura Craven was presented with the Leadership Award for Fellows and Students at this year’s Lawson Impact Awards on April 11. This award recognizes individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities, strong research skills, and dedication to the advancement of health research.

Craven’s doctoral research focuses on the translational use of faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT). She is intensely involved in two clinical trials, as well as her laboratory research. FMT is an extremely topical area of scientific interest, and Craven’s projects are at the cutting edge of microbiome research. She is well on her way to becoming a world expert in this field. She is the first author on two peer-reviewed journals.

“I feel very privileged to have been awarded this recognition. Lawson is home to an incredible network of students and scientists that have helped me to grow and develop my skills,” says Craven.

In addition to her research, Craven is highly involved in the broader research community, and is a strong advocate for students in health research. She has trained and mentored numerous graduate, and undergraduate volunteers. She is also a current member of the Lawson Association of Students and Fellows (LAFS) executive committee, where she promotes a welcoming and engaging environment for students and trainees.



Craven has been the recipient of the RGE Murray OGS award, and has been funded by a philanthropic award provided by Mr. Dave Postowoj. In 2017, she attended the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics in Chicago, where she was awarded best poster prize.

In 2017, Craven participated in an advocacy campaign encouraging the federal government to provide more federal funding for fundamental science. 

Dr. Jeremy Burton, Craven’s nominator and research supervisor shares, “Laura is a well-rounded, compassionate individual that will continue to be highly productive in research. She is also prepared to go out of her way to help others.” He adds, “Laura is long overdue to be recognized for her contributions not only for her research, but for her role of service to our research institute.”