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2016 Scientist Career Award: Dr. William Clark

Dr. William Clark was awarded with the Scientist Career Award at the 2016 Lawson Impact Awards on April 13, 2016.

Photo of Dr. William Clark
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Distinguished in many areas of medicine and nephrology, Dr. Clark has gained international recognition for his observational studies, randomized clinical trials and treatment of kidney patients. Most recently, he has gained worldwide attention for his work examining the increased risks of initiating dialysis treatment early.



Dr. Clark’s career as a clinician-scientist spans over three decades. His work has explored many issues, including the role of platelets in kidney injury resulting from diseases of the immune system such as lupus nephritis or glomerulonephritis. He also studied the application of plasma (blood) exchange and dialysis to improve the treatment and health of people suffering from kidney injury

In addition to his clinical and research successes, Dr. Clark was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for his charitable work, which notably includes initiating and managing two major fundraisers as well as being Honorary Cabinet Member (Ontario) of The Kidney Foundation’s New Challenge Campaign.

Lawson’s Scientist Career Award

The Scientist Career Award, awarded annually at the Lawson Impact Awards, was established to recognize excellence in research at Lawson. Research effectiveness is demonstrated by the degree to which the scientist has had a relevant and sustained impact through contributions in his/her field of study, is able to stimulate and challenge the research ability of students, communicates research results effectively, and maintains a mastery of his/her subject area as demonstrated by national/international profile.

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