Chloe Stewart presenting her research poster

New study is the first to comprehensively explore the physical experience of emotions we feel based on our awareness, interpretation or anticipation of the thoughts and feelings of others

St. Joseph’s: Parkwood Institute - 

Feeling emotions based on the interactions we have with other people is a common part of daily life, yet we know very little about how these emotions are experienced in the body.

John Humphrey pictured in front of his house

John Humphrey of Windsor is living proof that people who have had a stroke can show recovery years later. Humphrey’s recovery, which began 23 years after he suffered a stroke that caused paralysis in his left arm as a teenager, was noted by researchers at Lawson and Western University. Photo credit: Paul Mayne, Western University.

A Windsor man who regained use of his hand 23 years after having had a stroke is being described as a “remarkable” case by researchers who have tracked his recovery. The rare case challenges the conventional belief that stroke recovery occurs early or not at all.

New magazine highlights the impact of Lawson research on patient care

Lawson Health Research Institute has launched the inaugural issue of Lawson Link, a new magazine created to increase awareness about hospital-based research in London.

The research stories found in the magazine demonstrate the quality and impact of Lawson research, the breadth of areas where we are making a difference in patient care, and the contributions we have made to London’s knowledge economy.