Looking back at the research conducted by Lawson scientists in 2017, these are just a few examples of the many groundbreaking discoveries and innovations that will help improve patients’ quality of life for years to come.

This year marked Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, giving us an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of our research achievements to our nation’s rich history of scientific innovation.

Dr. Janet Smylie, LHRD 2018 keynote speaker

Dr. Janet Smylie, an international leader in the field of Indigenous health and health research, is taking part in London Health Research Day 2018 and a new preceding forum.

Off­site - 

Dr. Janet Smylie is delivering the lunchtime keynote lecture as part of The Lucille & Norton Wolf Health Research Lecture Series at London Health Research Day (LHRD) 2018 on Thursday, May 10.

Dr. Miho Iijima and Dr. Sunil Parapuram

Dr. Miho Iijima (left), Associate Professor at John Hopkins School of Medicine, was invited by Lawson’s Dr. Sunil Parapuram (right) to deliver a talk on the role of a protein called “phosphatase and tensin homolog” (PTEN) in cancer.

Dr. Iijima shared her research on controlling PTEN localization and function in cancer.

St. Joseph's Hospital - 

Dr. Miho Iijima, Associate Professor at John Hopkins School of Medicine, visited St. Joseph’s Hospital on Friday, November 17 to deliver a talk on the role of a protein called “phosphatase and tensin homolog” (PTEN) in cancer.

The talk was organized by the Department of Ophthalmology. Dr. Sunil Parapuram, scientist at Lawson who invited Dr. Iijima, has been collaborating with her to study the role of PTEN in fibrosis.