Dr. Reid and Dr. Brackstone

Dr. Gregor Reid (left) and Dr. Muriel Brackstone (right) are recipients of Lawson’s 2017 Strategic Research Fund (SRF). 

Can probiotics lower the risk of breast cancer?

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Announced at the 2017 Lawson Impact Awards, Drs. Muriel Brackstone and Gregor Reid were recipients of Lawson’s annual Strategic Research Fund (SRF) competition. Their project, “Re-setting the breast microbiome to lower inflammation and risk of cancer,” will examine whether taking an oral probiotic can reduce inflammation and lower the risk of breast cancer.

Guests at Parkwood Institute Research 2017 Spring Update

Working to improve physical and mental health care

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Lawson researchers at Parkwood Institute, part of the St. Joseph’s Health Care London family, work to improve both physical and mental health care based on the understanding that conditions of the body and mind are integrally linked. From studies on mobility after brain and spinal cord injury to treatment-resistant depression, a range of different research areas were highlighted on April 21, 2017 at