Researchers aim to improve how asthma in young children is treated

Children's Health Research Institute - 

A Canada-wide multicentre study of paediatric asthma is investigating whether adding high-dose Vitamin D to the standard treatment with an inhaled corticosteroid can reduce the severity of asthma flare-ups triggered by respiratory infections in preschool aged children.

Dr. Guido Filler, recognized for his research in paediatric nephrology and clinical pharmacology

Off­site - 

Dr. Guido Filler was recognized at the 2019 Lawson Impact Awards for his research in the fields of paediatric nephrology and clinical pharmacology. His passion for research and helping improve care for paediatric patients has fueled a wholesome and rewarding career. He is known globally as a world expert in measuring kidney function.


Seema Nair Parvathy

Above: Dr. Seema Nair Parvathy, Lawson Research Coordinator, Fecal Transplant Program

Phase I trial will evaluate combination of fecal transplants and immunotherapy for treatment of melanoma

St. Joseph's Hospital - 

A multidisciplinary team at Lawson Health Research Institute is exploring whether fecal transplants can improve outcomes in melanoma patients treated with immunotherapy.