Two hands holding an image of two kidneys

Study provides first objective measures that could help increase donation rates  

“What about me?” 

That question started Marian Reich on the journey of living kidney donation 11 years ago. 

Marian ReichShe was speaking to her brother on the phone and he mentioned that his partner, Susan, needed a kidney. That conversation let to Marian being able to give the gift of life to her sister-in-law through living kidney donation and transplant. 

Microscopy scans on stents

Scanning electron microscopy images showing organic material, crystals, and bacteria present on the surface of the ureteral stents

Patients with ureteral stents may benefit from a personalized approach to care and antibiotic treatment

St. Joseph's Hospital - 

For patients with kidney stones, ureteral stents (hollow devices placed in the ureter – the tube between the kidney and bladder) can be used temporarily to relieve urinary obstruction. Despite the use of antibiotics, ureteral stents often become encrusted with minerals and coated with bacteria. This can lead to complications like infection and the need for replacement surgery. 

Woman sleeping

Researchers at Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry have shown that how well you sleep and for how long is linked to increased odds of living with multiple chronic conditions.

When clinicians are focusing on lifestyle changes for the management and prevention of multiple chronic conditions, they will often ask patients about their alcohol consumption, smoking habits, exercise regime and diet. But what about the quality and duration of their sleep?