Highlighting the important collaborations that lead to critical COVID-19 studies and groundbreaking discoveries. 

Quickly after the COVID-19 pandemic began to grip the world, Lawson Health Research Institute responded with action. Lawson is the research arm of London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and St. Joseph’s Health Care London. With hospitals focused on providing excellent patient care in the face of an unknown virus, hospital researchers in London, Ontario began critical COVID-19 studies.




London Health Sciences Centre - 

It was a diagnosis that came as a shock for 28-year-old Mitch Kuska who found out he had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the age of 26.  “I went from being a young 26-year-old doing regular things, to having to learn about this disease and everything that goes along with it and how it will affect my life.” Kuska, an avid cyclist, says knowing that one day he may not be able to physically do the things he loves has been the hardest part of his MS journ

Diagram illustrating the target area for a paravertebral block

This diagram illustrates the target area for a paravertebral block, shaded in purple, relative to surrounding body structures. A block would be performed by inserting a needle from the back (bottom part of the diagram) and advanced into the purple space.

Study examines impact of Paravertebral blocks on health care utilization and opioid prescriptions 

St. Joseph's Health Care London - 

Hospital researchers from Lawson Health Research Institute have published a recent study that assessed the use of a specialized treatment for chronic pain and its impact on health care use and opioid prescribing.