COVID-19 patient with sepsis receiving Annexin A5 intravenously

COVID-19 patient with sepsis receiving Annexin A5 intravenously. 

Clinical trial begins to treat covid-19 patients with sepsis. 

London Health Sciences Centre - 

It’s a discovery that has been more than ten years in the making: the use of a human protein to potentially treat patients with sepsis.


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New research aims to better track and understand homelessness in Canada to improve service delivery
Photo credit: Justin Langille

At a virtual event, a research team led by Lawson Health Research Institute announced details of a new project aimed at better understanding how many people in Canada are homeless and who they are. Developing more accurate sources of data related to homelessness helps ensure the proper supports and services are available.   

“The homeless experience varies significantly across Canada, especially within different rural and remote regions of the country,” says Dr. Cheryl Forchuk, Assistant Scientific Director at Lawson and Distinguished University Professor at Western University.