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It has been a challenging year for many with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic creating changes to people’s lifestyles, education, employment and health care. The impacts of these changes may be posing a health risk to women who have given birth during this trying time, and for their babies. 

A man walks alone on a street at night with car headlights shining towards him

A Connect (peer support) group member leaves a group session at the Huron Street Canadian Mental Health Association offices. The group offers individuals suffering mental illness a chance to relate to others and avoid the isolation that can result from depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. (Photo credit: Justin Langille Photography)

Tackling poverty, mental health and social inclusion with locally-driven collaboration and solutions 

Researchers in London are sharing a new resource that can help municipalities and other organizations better understand social isolation and implement solutions proven to be effective. With input from over 35 community partners and people with lived experience, the research team hopes this tool can be used to support community-based initiatives that counteract poverty and homelessness while promoting mental health and social inclusion.