2016 SRF Recipients Drs. Keith St. Lawrence, Lena Palaniyappan and Jean Théberge 

2016 SRF Recipients Drs. Pelaniyappan, Théberge and St. Lawrence look to develop a way to concurrently study inflammation response and its potentially devastating consequence across the entire brain.

St. Joseph's Health Care London - 

Lawson’s annual Strategic Research Fund (SRF) was established to fund research projects aligned with Lawson’s strategic research goals as outlined in our 2014-2018 Strategic Plan.  For the 2015-2016 competition, projects were to focus primarily on “inflammation.”

Project: Inflammation-related excitotoxicity in neuropsychiatric disorders


Poster presenter at London Health Research Day

Congratulations to the 2016 winners

Off­site - 

Hundreds of young researchers came together for London Health Research Day on March 29, 2016 in celebration of health research and the ground-breaking work being done across the city of London.

London Health Research Day is the largest research day of its kind in Ontario, with more than 750 participants, judges and guests in attendance this year. The research presented spans all areas of health – cancer, aging, rehabilitation, imaging, children’s health, biomedical devices, surgical innovation, infection and immunity, mental health and more.