Dr. Elizabeth Osuch and Kirstie Leedham

Dr. Elizabeth Osuch and former FEMAP patient Kirstie Leedham

Three new studies highlight benefits of program for mood and anxiety disorders

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For years, Kirstie Leedham stayed away from doctors and counselors trying to cope with her mental health on her own. At 23 years old, she realized she needed to reach out. She says her mood was terrible and that she struggled to deal with small day-to-day issues. 

Heart rate monitor

A new study led by Western University and Lawson Health Research Institute

A new study led by Western University and Lawson Health Research Institute has found that most patients entering hospital intensive care units (ICU) for non-brain-related injuries or ailments also suffer from some level of related cognitive dysfunction that currently goes undetected in most cases. 

The findings were published today in the influential scientific journal, PLOS One.  

Praveen Dassanayake, Sarah Donnelly, Frank Hou, Daisy Sun and Dr. Weiwei Zhang

From left to right: Praveen Dassanayake (graduate student), Sarah Donnelly (graduate student), Frank Hou (PEL co-op student), Daisy Sun (graduate student) and Dr. Weiwei Zhang (Western Visiting Scholar).

Lawson Imaging attracts youth to medical research

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Exposure to professional experiences can help students envision themselves in specific professions and Dr. Donna Goldhawk aims to do just this by introducing medical research to high school science students. As coordinator of Youth Outreach for the Ontario Research Fund (ORF) grant entitled “Heart Failure: Prevention through Early Detection Using New Imaging Methods,” she is pleased to announce the call for applications to the 2019 Summer Studentship program.