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Researchers at Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry have shown that how well you sleep and for how long is linked to increased odds of living with multiple chronic conditions.

When clinicians are focusing on lifestyle changes for the management and prevention of multiple chronic conditions, they will often ask patients about their alcohol consumption, smoking habits, exercise regime and diet. But what about the quality and duration of their sleep?

Doctor holding up brain scans of stroke patient

A research team led by Dr. Luciano Sposato found that approximately two in every 100 patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 will suffer a stroke, and 35 per cent will die as a result. In younger patients, nearly 50 per cent had no other visible symptoms of the virus at the time of the stroke.

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have been working to better understand and characterize the varied symptoms of the disease. One of the most concerning symptoms is the development of large blood clots that can cause blockages in the arteries that lead to the brain causing stroke.

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Patients who had received specialized diabetes care were less likely to revisit the ED due to hyperglycemia and to be hospitalized due to hyperglycemia within 30 days of their initial ED visit. 

One in three Canadians is living with diabetes or prediabetes. When they experience complications like severe hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), they require emergency care. For many, one emergency department (ED) visit leads to multiple others.