Staff Award of Excellence: Dr. Jeff Weiler

Dr. Jeff Weiler recognized for his role in helping launch the Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity

Dedicated to helping enhance research to improve patient care, Dr. Jeff Weiler has won the 2022 Lawson Staff Award of Excellence.

Dr. Weiler began his career with Lawson in 2020 and has been instrumental in helping launch the Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity as the coordinator of the program.

“I feel fortunate to work at Parkwood Institute and to be immersed in this clinical environment through the Gray Centre,” says Dr. Weiler.

Established in 2020, The Gray Centre at St. Joseph’s Health Care London is expanding and advancing mobility and rehabilitation treatment and prevention solutions through research and collaborations. The Centre uses the latest technology to improve the lives of those living with disease, disability or injury.

“To see patients that are dealing with mobility challenges, and to know that we have established this mobility centre to help improve patient care is something I really value,” adds Dr. Weiler. “The goal is to have the Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity recognized as an international leader in mobility research and I know we can get there as a team.”

Dr. Jeff Weiler
Dr. Jeff Weiler receiving his award 

The Lawson Staff Award of Excellence was created in 2002 as part of the Impact Awards to honor the contributions of dynamic, hardworking individuals at Lawson. Endowed Research Chair in Mobility and Activity. Dr. Siobhan Schabrun, nominated Dr. Weiler for the award.

“We were very happy to hear that Jeff was chosen because he has been integral in establishing the Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity,” says Dr. Schabrun. “This is a new centre with a big ambitious vision and he has really been central in bringing stakeholders, researchers, clinicians, and patient partners together,” says Schabrun. “Jeff is also a fantastic colleague. He communicates well and works hard to get new trainees onboard.  You can always take a problem to him, and he will find a solution.”

The Lawson Impact Awards celebrates hospital-based research that makes a difference by advancing scientific knowledge and applying it directly to patient care. With Awards in eight categories, the annual event honours Lawson scientists, staff, trainees and partners who demonstrate excellence.

Congratulations Dr. Jeff Weiler, and to all our 2022 Lawson Impact Award winners.

Drs. Jeff Weiler and David Hill
Dr. Weiler (right) being presented his award by Dr. David Hill, Lawson's Scientific Director