More exciting news to come in 2020

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  1. Congratulations to Goris Nazari (Western PhD candidate) and Dr. Joy MacDermid for their successful CRE-MSD seed grant.

  2. Congratulations to Dr. Joy MacDermid and Dr. Trevor Birmingham on their successful National Network Grant.

  3. Congratulations to our leader Dr.Joy MacDermid! We are proud to have you as our director.
  4. Joshua Vincent, supervised by Dr. Joy MacDermid, examines the risk profiles of people aged 50-65 years old who have had a wrist fracture to identify which factors predict negative health changes
  5. Forty-six guidelines for neck pain; most recommendations on treatment; few on prognosis, diagnosis or outcome evaluation… agreement on what to do in comprehensive management of neck pain still elusive…congrats to Paul Parikh on this overview.
  6. Read our paper for the psychometric properties of Single Assessment Numeric Evaluation scale.
  7. A meta-analysis & meta-regression for GRoC scales in BMJ Open in collaboration with internationally recognized researchers.