Introducing The Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity at Parkwood Institute

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Join us Thursday October 21 from 12 pm – 1 pm for a virtual introduction to some of the exciting research and clinical innovations from mobility experts at The Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity. Hear presentations from:

  • Siobhan Schabrun, PhD – Harnessing the Brain to Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility and Activity. 
  • Sue Peters, PhD – Wireless Neuroimaging During Mobility to Predict Recovery Trajectories after Stroke. 
  • Swati Mehta, PhD – Virtual Physical Activity Programming During the Pandemic.
  • Dr. Manuel Montero-Odasso – Mobility and Cognition. The Collision of 2 Giants.   
  • Stephanie Cornell, MPT – Who, What, When? Using Technology in Rehab.  

About The Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity:

Established in 2020, The Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity at St. Joseph’s Health Care London is expanding and advancing mobility and rehabilitation treatment and prevention solutions through research, collaborations and the latest technology to improve the lives of those living with disease, disability or injury. The Gray Centre is located at St. Joseph’s Parkwood Institute, Southwestern Ontario’s regional provider of rehabilitation and recovery health care and a national hub for treatment, research and education in mobility and activity. The Gray Centre is made possible through a $7.5 million gift to St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation from William and Lynne Gray.